Viking Festival - Fall 2017 Heavener Runestone Park - Medical Aid Station

Oct 14, 2017

The Viking Festival is a bi-annual event featuring authentic Food, Games, Music Performances, and Birds of Prey Demonstrations, Reenactors with Authentic Weaponry and Battle Reenactments, and Vendors with Viking Themed Goods. // \\ Our MRC Unit will be staffing a Medical Aid Station which will be located inside the Community Center Building in the center of the park as well as staffing an information tent located just outside the medical station building. There will be special parking arrangements for volunteers during their shift. Volunteers who sign up to work shifts will also receive FREE admission for the rest of the 2-Day festival.. /// \\\ PARKING: Volunteers may park down by the visitor's center and will be shuttled up the hill via UTV for their shift. Volunteers will be shuttled back to their vehicles when they are ready to leave following their shift. No personal vehicles will be allowed past the visitor's center while the festival is open for safety purposes.

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