STANDBY: SRT Warner Shelter Deployment

Jun 1, 2019

STANDBY: This request is on standby until shelter populations increase. SRT Unit Coordinators will be in contact with volunteers when the situation changes.


The Arkansas River is flooding and has reached historic levels. Officials of Muskogee County and the City of Muskogee have declared a disaster and ordered evacuation of areas near the river. Two shelters have been set up. One is located at the Church of the Word, 1511 Culwell Drive, Warner. These shelters are managed by the American Red Cross who have asked the Stress Response Team to provide behavioral health support. What is concerning is the fact that this flooding is widespread and continuing and thus there is the likelihood that other communities will require evacuation and shelters and the OKMRC will be requested to provide further support.


Our mission, at present, is to provide Psychological First Aid and Skills for Psychological Recovery services on an as needed basis at the above specified shelter.

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