COVID-19: Alva Share Convalescent Home - Woods County

May 2, 2020

The Share Convalescent Home in Alva (Woods County) is requesting OKMRC volunteers to supplement their staff.
The facility wants to dedicate an independent team of nurses and aides for a wing to cohort residents who are COVID-19 positive, COVID-19 unknown but symptomatic, and COVID-19 unknown residents who left & returned within 14 days. THERE ARE NO POSITIVE COVID-19 CASES AT THIS TIME.

OKMRC volunteers can choose work in the regular, asymptomatic wing, which will allow staff to work in the cohort wing OR the COVID-19 cohort wing. Please indicate where you would like to work CNAs, CMAs, LPNs and RNs are needed to work day (0700-1900) and night (1900-0700) shifts.

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