Sooner Mall Event

This event will be a public outreach and recruiting event. This will be supported by MRC Volunteer, local emergency management response volunteers, Amateur Radio Operators, Alternative wellness vendors, organizations that provide mental health focused on Veterans . The focus of the event is National Preparedness Month, National Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and Information to the public on participating in interviews regarding how COVID affected their lives.
Contact David Grizzle if you would like to participate.
09-24-21 12-6pm
2-4 any category Recruiting and public outreach N/A
2-4 PFA trained or higher
Veteran background preferred, Talk to public about stress and anxiety from COVID / 9-11 / Veterans concerns, discuss alternative wellness measures PFA certification, LMHC or higher
1-2 HAM radio operator
Deployment experience preferred Promote HAM radio, work with local HAM club to set up equipment Technician license or higher 405-307-7190

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