Garfield Jurisdiction Volunteer Activation

Jun 9, 2017

Hello Volunteers,

Garfield, Grant, Major, and Woods County Health Departments will be having an All-Staff Training Day on June 9th from 0800-1700. My Administrator, Carla Dionne, has requested a volunteer activation request be sent out to volunteers to assist with answering phones at each of the above health departments so staff can attend the training.

Any volunteer that signs up to help with be able to register for 4 hour periods at the health department of their choice. The Shifts will be as follows:

Garfield Co. HD 0800-1200; and 1200-1700
Grant Co. HD 0800-1200; and 1200-1700
Major Co. HD 0800-1200; and 1200-1700
Woods Co. HD 0800-1200; and 1200-1700

Volunteers who can assist will be answering phones, taking messages as needed, and informing the public that normal daily health department serves will continue on June 12th.

For those that volunteer, just-in-time training will be given at the beginning of each shift on June 9th.

Carla has requested 2 volunteers for each location and shift. Volunteers must have their MRC T-Shirt and Badge with them. If you need assistance with getting a T-Shirt or Badge before the event, contact Jen Rand asap @ 580-231-9818.

Light snacks and water will be provided for volunteers during their shift.

For questions please contact
Jen Rand

You must be an approved OKMRC Volunteer to sign up for this event. Please enter your user name and password below.