Privacy Notice

The Oklahoma MRC will collect no personal information about you when you visit our Web site unless you choose to provide that information to us.

If You Do Nothing

If you do nothing during your visit but browse through the site, read pages, or download information, we will automatically gather and store certain information about your visit. However, that information will not identify you personally. Information collected included: the Internet domain and your IP address (a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Internet); the type of browser and operating system used to access our site; the date and time you access our site; and the pages you visit. We use this information to help make our site more useful to visitors, to track the number of visitors to our site, and to learn about the types of technology our visitors use. We do not track or record information about individuals.

If You Register to Become a Volunteer

If you choose to become a volunteer, during the registration process, we will collect personal and professional information which will be stored in a secure database. Information you provide will be used to help us determine what area of the MRC you will be assigned to and what level of services you can provide. It will also be used for further communication with you. The information you provide is transferred to a secure area of the MRC site via Secure Socket Layer protection, which is accepted as an Internet Standard. The information you provide is not given to any private organizations or private persons nor does this site collect or use information for commercial marketing. In the event the Oklahoma MRC is deployed, we will use this information to assist us in deploying our teams to disaster areas.

After the registration information has been collected, additional information will be collected from time to time and used to provide training recommendations and opportunities, as well as other information tailored to fit your situation.

The secure administrative area of our site will be used to process training and other information you provide. This information will not be made available to any commercial marketing or other purpose other than for use within the MRC organization.

Opting Out

If for one reason or another, you decide you no longer wish to be a part of the Oklahoma MRC, you can request to have you information made inactive in our data. You may call the state MRC 405-625-2956. Your name will be removed from the active files. A record of your participation will remain in the archive of the MRC database. This information will only be used within the MRC.

Information and images used on the this site are for personal use and may not be reproduced without permission.