Limitations of Liability


Civil Liability Coverage

Volunteer Medical Professionals Services Act

O.S. § 76-32, part G

“Any person participating in a Medical Reserve Corps and assisting with emergency management, emergency operations, or hazard mitigation in response to any emergency, man-made disaster, or natural disaster, or participating in public health initiatives endorsed by a city, county, or state health department in the State of Oklahoma, shall not be liable for civil damages on the basis of any act or omission, if:

1. The person was acting in good faith and within the scope of the official duties and functions of the Medical Reserve Corps; and

2. The acts or omissions were not caused from gross, willful, or wanton acts of negligence.”

Workers’ Compensation

The Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps is a volunteer organization. Volunteers are not covered under workers’ compensation benefits or employee health insurance benefits. Volunteers are not provided insurance that could otherwise be expected to compensate or reimburse them for injuries or medical-related expenses that may occur as a result of their services. This includes, but is not limited to, injuries that might occur in a workplace, field of deployment or in motor vehicle accidents while performing volunteer services or duties.

Volunteers are not protected by Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation laws and are advised of this policy during the OKMRC Orientation. Agencies utilizing OKMRC volunteers should seek independent policies for coverage and should do so prior to deployment.