Oklahoma Animal Disaster Response Exercise

Oklahoma Animal Disaster Response Exercise - Stillwater, OK

Payne County Health Department Map to Location
1321 W. 7th Ave
Stillwater , OK

March 02, 2018 - March 05, 2018
7:00 PM Friday March 2 to 5:00 PM Sunday March 4

Class Limit:
60 students (15 seats left)

Oklahoma Animal Disaster Response Exercise

Pre-Exercise Briefing: Friday March 2, 2018 at 7 PM at the OSU Vet School. Please check the PCART Exercise Update page for details.

Exercise: Saturday-Sunday March 3-4, 2018 at OSU Fire Service Training Professional Skills Center & Lake Carl Blackwell Recreation Area (see registration page for map and directions)

Additional Information:

Oklahoma Animal Disaster Response Exercise - Details

This Exercise is the result of a partnership between Payne County Animal Response Team (PCART), Oklahoma Large Animal First Responders (OLAFR), OSU-CVHS Disaster Management course students and faculty, and Texas A & M Veterinary Emergency Team (TAMU-VET). A disaster scenario specific to high potential events in Payne County, Oklahoma, and specific animal related injects are being developed by TAMU-VET.

The exercise is targeted to animal response team members, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians, however first responders and emergency managers who are interested in participating can be accommodated and may be asked to serve as Evaluators or Safety Officers. 

Pre-exercise instruction, exercise scenario, and injects for are expected to cover:

  • Team or Agency activation/deployment/integration (OKMRC, OEM, or other procedures)
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Scene Safety
  • Small/Large Animal Behavior
  • Small/Large Animal Sheltering
  • Small/Large Animal Veterinary Emergency Care

Participants should expect to be required to model responses to hypothetical situations that include:

  • Prioritizing life safety
  • Stabilizing an incident
  • Following ICS procedures, including chain-of-command
  • Creating emergency shelters for large and small animals
  • Animal intake, record keeping, reunification protocols
  • Addressing injuries to animals
  • Addressing various hazardous  situations
  • Addressing injuries to responders, including those caused by animals
  • Requesting and obtaining needed resources
  • Additional topics

Performance will be evaluated by experienced emergency and veterinary emergency responders. All participants will be debriefed and provided with suggestions for future training.

Additional, more advanced topics, may be introduced through demonstrations by qualified personnel.

Schedule and Locations:

Pre-Exercise Briefing: Friday March 2, 2018 at either Payne County Health Department or OSU Vet School. Registrants will receive detailed instructions.

Exercise: Saturday-Sunday March 3-4, 2018 at OSU Fire Service Training Professional Skills Center & Lake Carl Blackwell Recreation Area

See Information and Registration pages linked below for maps, directions, information about lodging in Stillwater, and meals covered for Saturday and Sunday, as well as additional special instructions.

Please Note:

  • Priority registration will be given to PCART and OLAFR members. 
  • CARTs that have a full deployment team registering should contact the PCART coordinator and send a copy of their SOGs/SOPs to her at susan.grammer@okstate.eduIt is possible that TAMU-VET will be able to create scenarios requiring activation of an entire team according to their SOPs/SOGs so that activating additional resources for expanding incidents can be practiced.  
  • Individual MRC volunteers will be integrated with PCART & OLAFR.
  • Full information is available at the Information and Registration page link below, and updated information will be found on that website.

IMPORTANT: February 19 Pre-Exercise Meeting:

  • PCART members and all participants who are not PCART members but wish to deploy for the Exercise as part of PCART should attend the meeting in Stillwater on February 19.
    • This meeting is listed on the Calendar and on the Registration page below, and participants will be assigned roles at this meeting.
    • If you are not able to attend note that you may not be assigned to your first choice.
    • It is possible that individuals may be able to call in to this meeting.
    • Contact the PCART Volunteer Coordinator at susan.grammer@okstate.edu for more information.
  • If you hope to participate as part of OLAFR but are not a member, please contact Nikki Utt at nikkiutt33@gmail.com.
  • CARTs attending as a team and hoping to Exercise as a team should also contact the PCART Volunteer Coordinator, at susan.grammer@okstate.edu.

Registration: MRC Volunteers are required to sign up in two places:

Main Information and Registration Page:



MRC Volunteer Page: Please click the link below to sign up.