Establishment of New Units

Starting a new OKMRC unit requires sponsorship from either the state or local county health department, and the support of local emergency response partners is strongly encouraged.  The development of a new MRC unit must be organized to augment existing resources and response capabilities in the area and should not replace or disrupt existing services.  The OKMRC Program Office requires the following guidelines be met prior to the establishment of any new unit:

  • Only one OKMRC unit per county is allowed.
  • An OKMRC Unit may cover multiple counties within an administrative area.
  • Local county health departments must identify a unit MRC Coordinator from the area.
  • The unit's designated coordinator must complete the Unit Coordinator Orientation.
  • Unit coordinators must register on the OKMRC database as a county administrator.
  • New units must register with the national MRC program office.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the OKMRC Program Office.