MRC volunteers play vital roles in helping alleviate suffering, distributing health-related equipment, medication, and materials, working in disaster shelters, and bringing order and assistance to the chaos of disaster.

Assignments depend on a variety of factors that each volunteer brings to the program, such as licensure, physical ability, skills, areas of interest, and training.

Here are some examples of what MRC volunteers may be asked to do:

Nurse carrying child from an ambulance

  • Licensed medical professionals including physicians and nurses
    • Working in triage
    • Providing critical care in the field
    • Assisting with transportation of patients
    • Monitoring critical patients
    • Administering Mass immunizations
    • Assisting clients with functional and access needs
    • Supplementing hospital personnel
  • Additional skilled healthcare workers
    • Assisting Health Department workers distribute medication or with a phone bank
    • Provision of pharmaceuticals, antidotes, and other medical supplies
    • Record-keeping
  • Non-healthcare, lay volunteers assisting healthcare teams with
    • Accounting
    • Record-keeping
    • Emergency communications, such as Amateur Radio operators.
    • Coordinating and promoting safety for both volunteers and residents affected by an emergency.