Statewide Animal Response Team Activation in Bixby

Sep 3, 2017

The OKMRC Animal Response Team has been requested to activate in order to help process animals being shipped from the Hurricane Harvey area. There are hundreds of animals needing to be moved out of this area and Dallas has already filled up. Tulsa has been requested to be the next HUB. This would mean that the animals would be brought here, processed and then stay over for a rest before moving on to other states.

OKMRC Volunteers are needed to fill many roles, such as:

• Volunteer support to care for and process these animals.
• Animal Care Volunteers to feed, walk, clean and generally care for the dogs and cats.
• Logistical Volunteers to perform data entry, upload photographs, update kennel cards.
• Information Volunteers to accept donations, direct volunteers, answer the public's questions and support volunteers working with the animals.
• Transport volunteers to transport animals to and from the airports in transport vans.

Emergency Shelter Location:
13290 S 80th East Ave.
Bixby , OK 74008
Hours of Operation:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm (Daily starting Wednesday, August 30th)
**Note: Operation dates and times will be reevaluated daily.**

Volunteers should enter through the front door to check in. Instructions and Just-In-Time Training will be provided. You do not have to volunteer for the entire 8-6 shift. We will be happy to have any amount of time you have available to help.

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