Garfield Jurisdiction Unit Meeting & Badging Day

Nov 16, 2017

Hello Everyone,

On November 16, 2017, I will be making badges for volunteers. I will start making badges at 1630-1930. I am including the badge request sheet in this email. If you need a badge, and I have not already received a badge request sheet from you, you will need to fill one out and bring it with you on Nov. 16th. Keep in mind, I will have to take your picture if you need a badge; so, please plan accordingly.

In the last several months, many parts of our nation have seen disasters and tragic events unfold. Many volunteers have been implemental in the response and recovery of these incidents. Keep in mind that disasters are not planned. Therefore, being prepared before the incident is imperative. Without a badge, you will not be able to respond to when an incident happens. So, let's take advantage of this badge day. During a response is not the time to request a badge.

We will still have video from Garfield to Woods Major County at the NW Tech Centers.

If you have any question please let me know.

Jen Rand

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