PCART Exercise-Training Pre-Registration Meeting

The Payne County Animal Response Team requests activation of MRC animal response volunteers who have pre-registered for the Disaster Response Exercise described below to attend a meeting at Fire Protection Publications on the OSU campus on Feb 19 at 6 pm.

This meeting will be mandatory for any MRC volunteers who will integrate with PCART during the Exercise because we will assign roles based on training and experience. For those who cannot attend, they will realize that they may not receive their top choice of assignment. There will also be the ability to call in and most likely to log in to GoToMeeting from a computer to view documents being created during the meeting. Call in numbers are not yet defined.


This Exercise is the result of a partnership between PCART, OLAFR, and TAMU-VET. A disaster scenario specific to likely events in Payne County, Oklahoma, and specific animal related injects are being developed by TAMU-VET.

This exercise is targeted to animal response team members, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians, however first responders who are interested in participating can be accommodated. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Grammer (susan.grammer@okstate.edu).

Pre-exercise instruction, exercise scenario, and injects for participants are expected to cover:
• Team or Agency activation/deployment/integration (OKMRC, OEM, or other procedures)
• Incident Command System (ICS)
• Scene Safety
• Small/Large Animal Behavior
• Small/Large Animal Sheltering
• Small/Large Animal Veterinary Emergency Care
Participants should expect to be required to model responses to hypothetical situations that include:
• Prioritizing life safety
• Stabilizing an incident
• Following ICS procedures, including chain-of-command
• Creating emergency shelters for large and small animals
• Animal intake, record keeping, reunification protocols
• Addressing injuries to animals
• Addressing various hazardous situations presented as injects
• Addressing injuries to responders, including those caused by animals
• Requesting and obtaining needed resources
• Additional topics

Our performance will be evaluated by experienced emergency and veterinary emergency responders. All participants will be debriefed and provided with suggestions for future training.

Additional, more advanced topics, may be introduced through demonstrations by qualified personnel.

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