Tulsa County HAM RMRS Communications Drill

Jan 22, 2020

Tulsa County HAM Radio Operators have been requested by the Regional Medical Response System (RMRS) for Region 7 (Tulsa County) to assist with communication drills.

The primary objective of this drill is to provide training for local amateur radio operators to respond to a communications emergency requiring special communications support for the Medical Emergency Response Center (MERC) and the Region 7 acute care facilities. This drill will test the amateur radio equipment pre-positioned at the Region 7 acute care facilities to determine the current state of the equipment and procedures for supporting emergency communications.

A secondary aim of the drill is to provide information useful for developing updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for supporting the hospitals during a communications emergency.

A tertiary aim of this exercise is to provide a mechanism to address deficiencies which have been highlighted in previous drills.

The MERC will need multiple amateur radio operators to deploy out to region 7 acute care facilities.

For more information contact James Plumlee at plumleej@emsa.net or 918-500-2122.

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