District 9: Quinton Manor Nursing Home- Non-medical

Nov 20, 2020

CANCELLED: The Quinton Manor Nursing Home cancelled their request for non-medical volunteers on Nov. 20.

The Quinton Manor Nursing Home in Quinton, OK (Pittsburg County) is in critical need of staffing assistance, following a COVID-19 outbreak. Over 80% of staff are quarantined for the next 6-14 days. Critical need for assistance in both medical and non-medical roles, or residents will have to be relocated.

Non-medical volunteers are needed in roles in dietary services (cooking) and environmental services (housekeeping). Shifts daily from 6a- 6pm. Volunteers are welcome to work partial shifts. ALL HELP IS NEEDED.

Quinton Manor has a wing set up for COVID positive residents only. The facility will provide all necessary PPE (with the exception of some N95 models).

Everyone in the building will be tested on site if they do not have a COVID-19 test within 4-5 days.

Questions? Contact Lezlie Carter at LezlieC@health.ok.gov

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