Noble County: Vaccination PODs in Perry

Jan 11, 2021

Noble County: COVID-19 Vaccination POD in Perry

OKMRC Volunteers (medical and non-medical) are needed to assist at a COVID-19 vaccination PODs in Perry. Location and times vary, so look at the information for each day. PPE will be provided.

Noble County Health Department
Date: Monday, January 11
Time: 8 AM - 4 PM
Location: 300 Fir St, Perry
Volunteers Needed: 4 Community Volunteers for clerical assistance and 1 medical volunteer to monitor

Perry Fairgrounds
Date: Monday, January 25
Time: 8 AM - 3 PM
Location: 1 Ivanhoe St, Perry
Volunteers Needed: 4 Clerical support, 2 Medical Monitors (Paramedic, RN, DO, MD)

*Final details will be provided after sign-up.

Questions? Contact Raed Al-Zaher at

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