Oklahoma: INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Portland Ave (Former Deaconess)

INTEGRIS Health has requested OKMRC volunteers to assist at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Portland Avenue (formerly Deaconess). (Check events for other INTEGRIS locations) All volunteer roles will be to provide non-clinical support. OKMRC volunteers need to complete the INTEGRIS Health volunteer application, online training (~1 hour) and onboarding, at an INTEGRIS location. Details for volunteering at INTEGRIS Health locations are included below.

Volunteers are needed at INTEGRIS Health hospitals in 4-hour shifts, seven days a week, beginning on October 4. Shifts will be from 8 am- 12 pm, 12-4 pm, 4-8 pm. Volunteer sign-ups on OKMRC.org will close at 4 PM the day before each shift.

Your shift will not be approved until OKMRC receives confirmation that you have completed INTEGRIS Health onboarding.

Contact Lezlie Carter at LezlieC@health.ok.gov with questions regarding this activation.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center- Portland Avenue- 5501 N. Portland, OKC

Volunteer Roles - Volunteers may be working in COVID wings or rooms. Volunteers are needed to answer phones at nurse stations, directing indoor traffic, as well as roles that may enter COVID patient rooms such as assisting with iPad calls or delivering ice. Indicate your preference of assignment type in notes.

OKMRC INTEGRIS volunteers must complete the following:

INTEGRIS Health Volunteer Application- www.integrisok.com/volunteer Select "Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps" as your referral.

INTEGRIS Health Onboarding session
After completing the application, volunteers will receive information to attend a one-time onboarding session at an INTEGRIS Health location. OKC metro group onboarding sessions will likely be held at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center.

Caregiver health record- All volunteers must provide health record showing vaccination for COVID-19 and flu. If needed, you can get your vaccination record at https://OSIIS.health.ok.gov and click 'Get Your Shot Record'. Vaccinations may be available during onboarding.

INTEGRIS Health Background Check- INTEGRIS Health will conduct a background check on all volunteers. Your background check authorization is included on the INTEGRIS Health Volunteer Application.

INTEGRIS Health Volunteer Badge - OKMRC volunteers will receive an INTEGRIS Health Volunteer badge to be worn during shifts at an INTEGRIS Health hospital.

Uniform - OKMRC volunteers will wear their OKMRC t-shirt uniform with long pants and closed toed shoes. No jeans.

PPE & Fit Testing - PPE appropriate for the assigned role will be provided by INTEGRIS Health. N95 Fit Testing will be conducted during onboarding.

Multiple shifts preferred - Due to the onboarding process, it would be beneficial to have individuals that are able to volunteer at least 4 times, although that it not a requirement.

Volunteers are not covered under workers comp.

Questions? Contact Lezlie Carter at LezlieC@health.ok.gov .

Thank you for being an OKMRC volunteer!