Cleveland County: OU Medieval Fair

Mar 31 2023

The OU Medieval Fair is good to go for 2023!! This year the host park has been renovated and some changes will affect our THEY NEED MORE SUPPORT!! Record crowds are expected again. Last year the official crowd estimate was 385,000 visitors. Needless to say we were very busy last year and will be again. We are looking at having up to three locations for first aid stations, but at a minimum personnel with aid bags will be used in walking support. We will operate on March 30th from 2pm until dark to set up the support systems. If you are local we could use some hands. On March 31-2 April 21023 we will operate a basic first aid station, offer privacy for a lactation station, baby changes, assisting with lost parents, aiding those unable to walk back to their vehicles and much more support. We have a high need for volunteers with medical credentials (current RN's would make my day), all medical credentials are welcome. Non-medical volunteers are a big asset to have assisting in other ways. We usually wind up supporting various other things, like assisting with lost parents. Parking will be provided within walking distance, snacks and drinks will be available. Food trucks will be there so bring bucks for the turkey legs!

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