Tulsa County 7th Annual North Tulsa Community Baby Shower

7th Annual North Tulsa Community Baby Shower


Each year, numerous community resource agencies come together in North Tulsa to host a Community Baby Shower. This annual event provides education and celebration to pregnant and parenting individuals. Participants receive education about their health, the health of their babies and learn how to create a safe home environment for the entire family. Participants at the Baby Shower are also connected to local parenting support groups and area health care providers.

This event provides an opportunity for parents to celebrate a life changing event who may not otherwise be gifted with a baby shower of their own. Participants are recognized as "honored" guests and will receive lunch, cupcakes, multiple prizes, diapers, wipes, clothing, or a giveaway item to prepare their home for their new baby. Everything a baby shower should include!
Please consider being a part of this very special event by volunteering just a few hours of your Saturday on September 30th to participate in the 7th Annual North Tulsa Community Baby Shower. I guarantee you will leave KNOWING you made a positive difference to families in our community!

7th Annual North Tulsa Community Baby Shower

Saturday, 30 September 2023

Shift Time: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm (to allow time for check in, job assignments and Just-in-Time Training to be provided before shift begins)

Shower Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Where: Booker T. Washington High School, Commons Area

1514 E. Zion, Tulsa, 74106

Registration closes Friday, 29 September at 0900.

Sign up for Shift BELOW.
Contact the Day of the Event: Cathy Sullivan

When you sign up for the event, please put the hours you can work in the "Comments" section if you are unable to work the entire event. In addition, please comment with your preferred station, keeping in mind you may not be assigned there if that slot is already full. We will make ever effort to place you in your preferred location if at all possible.

Job Descriptions and number needed for Community Baby Shower on September 30th

Outside greeters ( 2) Positions
Greet guests as they line up and wait to be admitted inside the venue at registration-answer any questions. Security will also have a presence outside of the venue as the guests arrive.

Spanish Interpreters (2) Positions.
Be available for interpretation requests from guests, staff, volunteers and vendors at multiple locations throughout the event

Triage Nurse (2) Positions Already FILLED
These will be (2) THD RN's available to medically triage injuries and or medical conditions and determine if EMSA/FIRE is needed

Vendor Concierge (6) Positions
Escort vendors to their designated tables, check in throughout the event for any needs (ie; temporarily stay at their table during a bio break, assist guests who have a question etc.

Dad Ambassadors (3) Male Volunteer Positions
Greeting dads as they arrive and informing them about the Fatherhood Hub-where it is located and remind dads about completing the survey before leaving the event.

Learning Lab Assistants (3) Positions
This activity (located in the gymnasium) focuses on Safe Sleep education, Period of Purple Crying-Non-nurse volunteers will distribute printed info and support the pre-designated RN's who will be providing hands on education to guests

Fatherhood Hub assistants (3) positions
Assist the Fatherhood Coordinators with activities for the dads and help distribute printed materials

Hallway Monitors (3) positions
Provide situational awareness for any safety concerns that present throughout the venue-Will be informed on location of AED and fire Extinguishers and exits, will alert triage nurses if you are informed about or observe injury or illness situation, assist with directing guests to bathroom, locate vendor concierge if any vendor questions/needs, alert security of any concerns etc..

Food Service (6) Positions
Helping to distribute food and water bottles to guests. Food will be delivered to venue at a pre-designated time

Employee Break Area (2) Positions
This will be a separate room located a few feet away from the event where employees can take a break, eat & hydrate. Volunteers will keep food, drink and paper products stocked, keep the area tidy and organized, make sure hand sanitizer readily available and clean up any spills that may occur.

Thank You Note Station (2) Positions ** This is an optional activity for the guests!
Guests will have opportunity to hand write a thank you note, providing feedback about the event. Volunteers will provide the cards and pens, make sure they are informed that they can write their comments about the event and the cards/notes are then collected. They do not have to write their name to complete a thank you card. The comments will be reviewed by the planning committee after the event and shared in various communications within THD organization.

Prize Wheel (4) Positions
Guests will be allowed to spin for a prize after completing their required education passport which will include 2 required education topics and at least two other booth visits that have been initialed by the vendors. Volunteers will just make sure they have the required (2) topics and several boxes initialed by random vendors BEFORE they can spin for a prize. Once they leave the prize table, they will be directed to move on to complete the survey and pick up their gift bag as they exit.

Exit Surveys (6) Positions---*** includes 1 Spanish and 1 Zomi)
Volunteers must be able to assist with/support use of iPad that the guests will use to complete a survey about the event and answer any questions they may have. THD Epi Team member will be present to support volunteers and guests.

Goodie Bag Distribution (4) Positions
Volunteers distribute these at the exit point and bags are pre-filled-Just have to hand them out.

Selfie Station Helpers (2) Positions
This will be a self -photography stations-volunteers will help guests select the props they would like to use, make sure they are centered in the photo, etc.