OK County: Operational Readiness Exercise

The Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE) is a 3-day, multi-site, full-scale exercise involving partners from across all public safety disciplines, at all levels of government, and from across our state and beyond. The ORE will involve several different scenarios encompassing technical rescue, CBRNE, K9 Search & Rescue, and Regional EMS Systems (REMSS) operations as well as wide-area communications support involving multiple command posts and a base of operations. It is scheduled to take place in numerous locations across the OKC Metro area. Each shift is around 8 hours long. Volunteers will be asked to act as patients for the medical and rescue operational rotations. Volunteers will be provided a cue card explaining the injuries and/or illness you will simulate for responders. Moulage, the art of applying realistic, mock injuries for the purpose of training will be deployed. This adds layers of complexity and realism to exercises, simulated injuries such as lacerations, burns, and bruises helps create realistic, immersive disaster training scenarios. Eight (8) Community Service Hours, sponsored by the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security and the Regional Medical Response System for Central Oklahoma, will be awarded to all volunteers! In addition, for those that hold an EMS certification - the Oklahoma State Department of Health, EMS Division, has approved participation for Five (5) Local (OK) Continuing Education Hours. Please note, a box lunch will be provided along with plenty of water. To register for the exercise please click this link: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/359202fb336b47ceb8c25aad83df2ec6 AND sign up on the OKMRC website. Please contact julia_reynolds@occhd.org with any questions.