OK County: Animal Response Training

Feb 10 2024

Join us for a special Animal Emergency Response Training! It will be led by Dr. Debra Zoran, Director of the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET). Dr. Zoran has deployed over 18 times with the VET for smaller Search & Rescue support scenarios and major disasters within the State of Texas, including wildfires, floods, several tornadoes, and recently Hurricane Harvey, TD Imelda, and an Animal Rescue of 275 dogs in San Benito.  In addition, as the veterinarian in support of the Texas A&M Task Force 1 Urban Search & Rescue canines, she's deployed out of Texas to major flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with the FEMA IST (Incident Support Team) as veterinary support of canines in Hurricane Dorian and, with the VET to California in response to the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, CA.

Dr. Zoran will begin the training by giving an overview of an organized response informed by ICS. Then, she will go over the importance of preparedness and what that looks like when supporting animals in an emergency. Next, she will discuss deployments, going over everything from triaging, to medical record keeping, to medical management. She will conclude the training by talking about responder stress.

The training will be from 12 PM - 4 PM at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department South location (6728 S Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 7313).

This training is for anyone who wants to have the skills and knowledge to support animals after a disaster. You do NOT have to be a veterinary professional to attend this training!

Please contact julia_reynolds@occhd.org with any questions