Frostbite Training and monthly meeting

Feb 08 2024

Rick Cohen, M.D., FAAP

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine



From Tulsa, will travel to provide a presentation on frost bite and Cold injuries. A zoom link will also be provided to those registered but cannot attend in person. The training will begin at 6 pm and last to 7 pm plus questions. Following the training there will be some unit administrative information provided. The training site is located at:

Cleveland County Wellness Center “The Well”

210 James Garner Ave

Norman, OK  73069





The Well facility has a north and south facility with a breezeway in between.  We will be meeting in the South End and you enter from the Breezeway in between.  When you enter, turn right and take the elevator up to second floor loft area or turn left and go up the stairs to the loft area.  The Loft area is state of art technology and we will copy you on the email tomorrow that will have the Zoom Link that David has an account.





The Well has a parking lot on the West side.  There is also parking along the East Side of it and across the street along the Railway.





Caution note:  Downtown Norman, which this address is in the middle of has 2 one-way streets in the  middle of it that run east/west but turn slightly to the sw/ne on the east end.  Main Street which is accessible from I-35 goes to one-way at the edge of town at university blvd. west of “the Well”, and goes back to two way east of “The Well” at Porter.  Main Street is a Eastbound Street at this point and is your likely entry point to down town.  Likewise, Gray Street runs one way to the West from Porter to University Blvd as well.  They kinda form a loop that you come in on Main from I-35 and you loop out on Gray headed back to I-35.  You will want to use your mobile device or vehicle navigation as you get closer to Norman.





MRC Co Unit Coordinator David Grizzle   cell:  405-245-9522  Norman Emergency Management





MRC Co Unit Coordinator Steven Wood   cell:  405-200-8170