Osage County (Barnsdall) MARC Response

OKMRC is requested to assist with the Osage County Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) in Barnsdall on Saturday, May 18. MARCs are one-stop shops with many VOAD agencies (Red Cross, Salvation Army, Legal Aid, OK Insurance Dept. and more) present to provide a variety of resources (gift cards, food, consultation, etc.) to those affected by recent disasters.  All of the agencies are able to work off of Red Cross's Disaster Assessments (DAs), minimizing the paperwork and drive time for affected persons. 

SRT Member will be the Mental Health Resource at the MARC acting as point person for survivor engagement and use of PFA.  PFA trained volunteers will act as ambassadors, with assistance as needed from SRT, as well as other possible general roles at the MARC as needed.  

Barnsdall MARC

Saturday, May 18

Shifts: 9:30 am - 2 pm and 1:30- 6 pm 

Volunteers Needed: 1-2 Licensed Mental Health Provider & 2-4 PFA trained volunteers

Questions? Contact Lezlie Borak at Lezlie.Borak@health.ok.gov