Woodward Area OKMRC Meeting

We will be having our next regular scheduled Woodward Area MRC meeting Tuesday, August 6th from 12-1pm in Private Dining Room at Alliance Health Hospital in Woodward.  We will have a state update, local update, training update, & Family Preparedness Training. 

We will also be discussing upcoming Mass Immunization Prophylaxis Strategy (MIPS) training and Point of Dispensing (POD) exercises planned for October in Beaver and Laverne. 

I will bring what t-shirts I have for those that haven't got one yet and can take a picture for a badge if you need a badge.  Please feel free to bring your lunch or you are welcome to go to the cafeteria line if you would like.  I am including MRC volunteers from Beaver, Texas, & Cimarron county on this email to invite them to our meeting and keep everyone informed, but realize the travel time is considerable.  If anyone from another county other than Woodward would like to connect via video conference, let me know.  We can try to make that happen.  Thank you for all that you do!!!  If you have any questions please let me know my email is kerrys@health.ok.gov

Kerry Stafford

Unit Coordinator

Date: August 5, 2019

Time: 12pm

Location: Alliance Health Woodward - Private Dining Room


City: Woodward

State: OK